A 5-Minute Content Studio Story on Checkmarx and AWS Marketplace

May 16, 2023By Paula ElliottInsights

We’ve been super busy in the first quarter of the year, inundated with Content Studio projects. From writing research reports for A10 Networks to developing new research campaigns for Noname Security, Forter and ThreatQ, to undertaking design projects for JumpCloud, to drafting solution sheets, eBooks and white papers for Checkmarx – our fingertips and keyboards are literally smoking! No seriously, our Content Studio writers have been involved in some very interesting projects, many of which our clients have now launched.

One to spotlight is the work we have been doing for Checkmarx.  Not only did we write several persona-focused research papers targeting CISOs, application security professionals, and developers, but we worked with Checkmarx to develop the strategy, story arc and PowerPoint decks for a couple of customer focused webinars. One webinar that I’d like to highlight is How Checkmarx and AWS Marketplace can Simplify your Procurement.

We are all familiar with the AWS Marketplace, it is a digital B2B marketplace where customers can buy services or software from thousands of software listings from ISVs, systems integrators, and suppliers. Put simply, it’s an online shop for products and services approved by AWS. What you might not know is that growth in these types of marketplaces has been phenomenal in recent years. In fact, analyst firm Forrester reported that the adoption of B2B marketplaces quadrupled in 2021 alone and we are expecting this growth trend to continue throughout 2023 and beyond. That’s because today’s digital-savvy customers expect digital procurement processes, with cloud computing becoming the default.

What is interesting is that not all products available on the marketplace are AWS products; in fact, most products are offered by third-party vendors like Checkmarx. The webinar that we helped produce was aimed at helping both customers and prospects better understand what simplifying their purchase, renewal, or expansion of Checkmarx, for example, entails through AWS Marketplace.  Through the webinar and a follow up blog we explored the world of AWS Marketplace, enabling participants to learn about the benefits and opportunities it offers for customers to reduce complexity. In particular, we delved into how it can solve procurement challenges and the benefits of AWS EDP and PPA discount programmes.  The webinar presenters were Mike Reed from AWS and Mike Smythe and Steve Boone from Checkmarx.

It is staggering to think that, in 2021 alone, over 17,000 products and services were offered on the AWS Marketplace. For those less familiar with Marketplace, the process of purchasing products is incredibly streamlined and easy. If we think about the way that procurement often works in an organisation, it can be quite clunky. There are lots of approvals, legalese and often opportunities and time-to-value get stuck for technology providers and customers alike. Marketplace really offers the opportunity to reduce friction with that process and is designed for speed and reducing the time to return on investment. Customers simply log in with an AWS account, head to the Marketplace, select a product to buy, and subscribe to the service.  Stop, spoiler alert! – before I delve too deeply into this topic, if I’ve captured your attention, why not watch the webinar. How Checkmarx and AWS Marketplace can Simplify your Procurement.

And, of course, if you have a content requirement – whether that’s an article, blogs, white paper, vertical market eBook, case study, webinar, infographic or research project – we’re here to help. Get in touch via paula@c8consulting.co.uk.