Recruiting UK Veterans with Armed Forces Covenant

November 15, 2018By C8 ConsultingInsights

RiverSafe pledges to support employment of military veterans and reservists by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

Armed Forces Covenant

On November 8th 2018, our client RiverSafe, a cybersecurity consultancy, signed the Armed Forces Covenant and made the pledge to support the employment of military veterans and reservists (soldiers who support the regular military both at home and overseas), who are not in active duty. The Armed Forces Covenant represents a promise by the nation that those who serve, or have served, in the Armed Forces (as well as their families), are treated fairly and supported in their endeavours to find employment outside of the military.

There are many veterans and reservists looking to build a new career. Many of these are perfectly positioned to readily transition to the cybersecurity industry. This is due to the unique skills required in both industries – for example, the ability to work under intense pressure and the ability to defend against malicious attackers are two very important traits of both careers. RiverSafe recognised this and hopes to nurture and develop these skills with their advanced training scheme. The end goal is to help their employees reach the next level of their career in cybersecurity.

RiverSafe and Splunk Signing

The benefits of hiring ex-servicemen and women come from their high-discipline and strong work ethic. Previously RiverSafe has hired both veterans and reservists into their team. It was their ability and loyalty to the company that helped motivate RiverSafe to sign the Armed Forces Covenant. The opportunities provided by RiverSafe has allowed these security consultants to grow and gain valuable experience.

All who have risked their lives in the line of duty to protect the United Kingdom deserve the utmost respect and employment opportunities when they return home. The cybersecurity industry is a perfect career path as the future of warfare is turning to the cyber world and ex-soldiers with experience defending the UK will be able to offer their expertise in the fight against cyber-crime. It is a natural transition.

I am very proud, as is C8, to work with a client that understands how important it is to take care of veterans and reservists that have defended our country. It’s fantastic that RiverSafe is so willing to support the people of Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in their employment opportunities. To read the official statement from RiverSafe on the signing (dated November 8th, 2018) please visit their website.