Behind the scenes: Social media and digital marketing

October 5, 2017By C8 ConsultingInsights

At C8 Consulting we understand how, when used correctly, social media and digital marketing can be an invaluable tool.

Having a well thought out digital marketing strategy allows a business to build a positive reputation and is key to gaining authority and trust from customers as well as prospects.

Social media is the modern world’s primary outlet to target specific audiences
and, more importantly, it helps facilitate interactions with current and future clientele.

So, how do we amplify our client’s news and announcements through social media?

We make use of digital marketing using platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to name just a few. Then, we help our clients develop, organise an moderate these channels by pinpointing target audiences and thinking of relevant topics and discussions so that the message reaches the right audiences.

We are keen to get our clients’ news and announcements out there. So, tools like Facebook and Twitter are paramount for building awareness around our clients’ blogs, press releases, tweets and key messages far and wide. Drafting a tweet with a link to the article or press release and tagging the publication and author more often than not results in a re-tweet and even prompts the author to post a link to the article on their own feed.

Gaining a following is a top priority for our clients, so we use our expertise to gain recognition of our client on social media platforms amongst local businesses and the local community. That means engaging in conversations and posting positive messages about what local businesses are doing in the area or engaging in discussions relevant to our client’s industry.

Nowadays, social media is great for getting people to sign up to events and webinars. So, we post details of what is going on and a link to register, which has proved a really successful way to up the numbers. Also, through the power of social media, we have been able to invite and outreach to audiences that would not be accessible via email.

If you think you could use our help, why don’t you drop us a line and we’d be happy to help you make the most out of your digital marketing platforms. Contact