C8 welcomes new consultant: Q&A with Iqra

September 1, 2022By C8 ConsultingInsights

C8 is pleased to announce an exciting new addition to the team, Iqra Kiani! Iqra joins us as a Junior PR Executive and is quickly getting to grips with PR and client activity across her accounts focusing on a range of sectors in the technology space including cybersecurity, API and network uptime.

We recently sat down with her for a Q&A on all things Iqra – and with the initial introductions out of the way, let’s kick off with the first question.

Hi Iqra! Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a 22-year-old Sociology graduate with a diverse work history in telemarketing, customer service and administration. These experiences have equipped me with versatile skills that have proven valuable in my career, and the perfect steppingstone to the role I am in now. Outside of work, I keep active in the gym and enjoying travelling around the world. In fact, I recently just got back from Turkey where I spent some downtime with friends, exploring the local area alongside endless water sports.

What brought you to PR?

I was drawn to PR due to its unique blend of creative writing, relationship-building with clients and the media, and organisation of events. It is a career where you must wear so many hats whether it is content creator, pitching to the media, design whizz or press office. All these factors align well with my interests and offer continuous opportunities to learn and develop new skills, a really important factor for me during the early stages of my career.

Why work at C8?

The variety of services that C8 has to offer has given me insight into the range of tasks I would be contributing to daily. I valued the idea that I would be making a difference to my clients from day one. The emphasis on impactful client storytelling intrigued me, and C8’s partnerships with global cybersecurity clients highlighted C8 as a reputable company to work with and reassured me I would have the opportunity to work on diverse projects.

What’s it like starting a new hybrid role?

C8 offers a hybrid model with three days in the office and two at home and beginning the week with an in-person induction was just the right balance to ensure I felt comfortable and a great opportunity to bond with the team. I was lucky to have previous experience working remotely which eased the transition. However, thinking about my first couple of days working remotely was a bit daunting as I entered a new profession. I do feel this motivated me to grasp the concepts of my new role and disruptive tech PR quicker. Remote working also encouraged me to nurture and build upon the organisation skills I have built through my academic and professional career thus far as you’re expected to independently manage tasks and hit deadlines.

What previous PR (or other work) experience have you had?

In terms of previous work experience, I have worked in a variety of roles ranging from a receptionist to a telemarketer. I found customer service was extremely beneficial for me professionally as you are interacting with so many different people and problem solving quickly on your feet. While, I have never previously worked in PR before, it only intrigued me as I was keen to learn more and broaden my knowledge within the PR and tech industry.

How have you found your time at C8 so far?

So far, my time at C8 has been enjoyable and insightful. Although, at first the work and deadlines can be stressful, my colleagues have been friendly and helpful throughout my journey.

What have you learned so far at C8? Has anything you’ve learned surprised you?

In a short period of time, I have learnt numerous things from my team, and I am grasping concepts more clearly each day. The management of multiple accounts simultaneously was surprisingly enlightening. I love this varied nature of work and as cliché as it sounds, that no two days are the same at an agency.

Advice to graduates?

I encourage graduates to embrace challenging opportunities and avoid their comfort zones. Don’t limit yourself by feeling that if you don’t have experience in something you won’t be good at it. If you can push yourself out of your comfort zone, you become more knowledgeable and grow as a person.