C8’s foray into escapism: An immersive art adventure

April 27, 2023By Natalie YoungInsights

At C8, we are always excited to get to the end of a quarter, not because we are wishing time away, but rather because it is a chance for the team to come together to discuss the quarter highlights, embark on new training, eat a delicious lunch, and enjoy a team activity.

With members of C8 outside the Reading office spread far and wide, this is an important event for us to all catch up and reconnect before we launch into the following quarter.

So, let’s delve into the highlights:

Life of a publisher, Tim Langford

In PR, we spend a lot of time working with journalists from a range of business, national, tech, and trade publications. However, this year’s QBR allowed us to address a common blindspot: understanding the day-to-day of the publishers. When given the chance to hear the other side of the story, pardon the pun, we immersed ourselves in the first activity of the day – ‘Life of a Publisher’ with Tim Langford.

In his career, Tim covered a plethora of industries and publications from technology to healthcare, even traversing into beauty. He discussed his role in driving the transformation of these publications from purely print to leveraging online media and expanding the content offerings. Interestingly, Tim purports that the prediction ‘print is dead’ has never materialised. He believes, instead, the two work together in a symbiotic relationship, highlighting how there are more magazines in print today than ever before.

To leave you with a few words of wisdom from Tim that I found particularly pertinent: when networking with journalists or publishers, don’t worry about being an expert – networking is about knowledge gathering, turning up with an open mind, ready to learn.

Frameless: Time to relax and be WOWED…

As a member of the Panasonic account team, I can confirm that Frameless has become a household name to us and it was definitely the highlight of the day. There’s something special about seeing the exhibition in person after working on several announcements and tracking its success over the last year.

For those unaware of Frameless, it is the latest multi-sensory art experience that is redefining the immersive art world. On the surface, it is beautiful artwork projected onto the surrounding walls with accompanying classical music. Just below the surface, quietly tucked away are more than 50 Panasonic 3-Chip DLP and 3LCD projectors at the heart of an interactive visual and sound experience.

It was a little proud moment to see these projectors in action – did I mention they are the lightest and quietest on the market??!

Working for a disruptive tech PR agency, our clients are increasingly anchored in software and the digital space. Whilst they cover constantly evolving arenas and are increasingly at the heart of the wider news cycle, from cyber security to APIs and connectivity, having a client who brings projects, quite literally, to life is quite unique. It proved a great reminder that we work with clients who are consistently setting new industry standards and, in Panasonic’s case, setting the bar extremely high in innovative technology as well.

So, with plenty of laughs and full stomachs, new experiences and knowledge, the curtains close on the first QBR of 2023. See you in June!