Create Content Your Audience Actually Wants and Build a Strategy that Drives Real Results

October 25, 2022By Paula ElliottInsights

Digital information available to B2B buyers sky-rocketed in response to the pandemic. Yet, it was the demand for high value content that truly cemented its role as a part of any business’s content marketing strategy.

This means that today we live in a multi-touch world, we are bombarded with all kinds of content from a variety of channels and marketers have the unenviable task of making sure that their content is engaging and thought-provoking enough to cut through the noise.

It’s a tall order to get that content to work for you and for your marketing to be effective, hitting the right people, with the right message, at the right time, in the right volume.

Yet if you could speak directly to your target audience with high value, thought-provoking content, your business would stand far above the rest of the industry.

This is where our Content Studio aims to help. 

Launched this week, the C8 Content Studio is designed to provide companies either with a one-off service for various assets or an end-to-end ‘campaign in a box’.  We help organisations develop authentic content that cuts across all the channels that their content strategy needs to touch.  We have a roster of highly skilled professional writers, designers, and project managers who can parachute in, take the brief, develop the assets and deliver what is needed – and we do this quickly.

Over the years, we’ve developed all kinds of content from eBooks to whitepapers, to research campaigns and infographics, social campaigns and so much more.

Below is a short overview of the specialisms we offer through our design and content creation services:

  • Research-based campaigns, fully managed end-to-end from ideation to execution and asset delivery
  • eBooks exploring market issues, customer pain points, industry challenges and providing solutions
  • White papers to drive intelligent, senior-level consultation and influence key stakeholders
  • Thought leadership articles and company blogs to demonstrate engagement with industry trends and build an authentic, expert voice for key spokespeople
  • Case studies to provide proof points and increase customer awareness of the product or service capabilities
  • Infographics for high visual impact and to assist engagement with time-poor audiences
  • Social posts and graphics to supercharge the conversation
  • Robust award submissions to ensure today’s most innovative businesses gain the recognition they deserve.

Additionally, the Content Studio includes a full design service to ensure assets pack a significant visual punch. It is highly flexible, allowing clients to choose support for individual assets or entire campaigns, to best meet the demands of any marketing team.

During the pandemic, digital marketing channels came of age as brands rapidly pivoted their strategy to virtual interactions. The result is a digital overload and now customers are increasingly sophisticated and selective in how they interact with online content. It must be impactful, intelligent, and add value to the lives of today’s target audience. Further, in an age of fake everything, it must be authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy beyond measure. The C8 Content Studio team has the unique experience needed to draw in those key audiences and simultaneously relieve the increased pressure on in-house teams.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Content Studio or have a specific project in mind, please download our brochure.