Elevating Share of Voice in the Cybersecurity Market with Egress

July 5, 2024By C8 ConsultingInsights

Email is one of the foundational tools for most organisations in the modern day, and it would be hard to find an office worker who does not use email daily. It is the main form of communication that allows businesses to operate, however this also makes it a main attack vector for cyber threat actors.

Targeted threats and human risk

Leading cybersecurity company Egress is the only cloud email security platform to use an adaptive architecture to continuously assess human risk and dynamically adjust security policy, securing employee inboxes against targeted threats. The platform grants its user a high degree of protection against advanced phishing attacks and outbound data breaches, stopping threats before they happen.

Strategic PR programme

After many successful research launches, partnerships, and product announcements, C8 was appointed to grow Egress’ presence in the UK and the US through a strategic PR programme. In a fast-paced and competitive cybersecurity landscape, Egress wanted to gain market share and raise the business’ profile, as well as the profile of the company’s key spokespeople. It was vital to the business to position people, such as Egress’ CISO and Threat Intelligence Lead, as thought leaders in a crowded market.

C8 had worked with Egress in 2019 and 2020, and the company re-engaged C8’s services in January of 2023 due to the strong working relationship between the teams, as well as our proven track record of delivering high quality coverage.

Day-to-day, C8 facilitated the relationship between Egress and the media through the release of research reports, thought leadership content, and rapid response comments. As part of this, C8 was also tasked with creating a channel press tour for the VP of Strategic Partnerships, to generate awareness around the company’s evolving sales model. C8 secured five briefings with key channel publications, including Channel Futures, Tech Target, and IT Europa. These briefings consisted of a mix of written articles and recorded interviews.

Delivering results that make a difference

The campaign was very successful, with the high-profile channel coverage generating conversations between influential Egress channel executives, target resellers, and current partners. The press tour achieved its goal, and C8 was asked to execute a similar campaign around Egress’ Chief People Officer in 2024, targeting HR-focused publications.

In addition to this, C8 was also instrumental in launching three research projects, including Egress’ high profile Phishing Threat Trends report, the statistics of which are commonly cited when discussing the impact of phishing. This report secured 26 pieces of organic coverage in top-tier publications such as Infosecurity Magazine, SC Media, and Verdict. In total in 2023, C8 secured 245 pieces of organic coverage for Egress, with a total circulation of almost 2 billion.

Speak with the communications specialists

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