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March 26, 2024By C8 ConsultingInsights

With specialist knowledge and experience in cybersecurity C8 Consulting has worked with many clients in this sector. One company we have worked closely with since 2016 is threat intelligence platform provider ThreatQuotient, and in that time C8 went from providing PR exclusively in the UK, to managing ThreatQ’s global PR campaign. 

ThreatQuotient threat intelligence platform is purpose-built for security operations to prioritise, automate and collaborate for optimised threat detection, investigation and responseAs organisations look to build their threat intelligence capability ThreatQuotient’s platform helps customers to industrialise their intelligence models. Cybersecurity automation is critical to help build these models and create operational efficiencies and ThreatQuotient was keen to delve into the issues around automation.  

Authoritative leadership in cybersecurity automation

Alongside regular PR activity like newsjacking, features tracking, content drafting, and media relations, C8 delivered a comprehensive research strategy for an annual research project that positioned ThreatQuotient as the authoritative leader in cybersecurity automation. No other vendor in this space has delivered such a comprehensive and illuminating research study, which is now in its third year.   

Working with ThreatQuotient we created the storyboard and angles for the research, perfected the questions and, working with our research partner, Opinion Matters put the research out into the field, targeting CIOs, Heads of SOC, Heads of IR, and other senior decision makers and security practitioners.   

In the last three years this research programme has helped to fuel demand generation and content requirements. Starting as a UK pilot, the programme has now expanded across three regions: UK, USA, Australia. As a result, ThreatQuotient quickly established itself as a go-to resource around trends in cybersecurity automation.   

Adopting a strategic approach to PR 

Impressed by our proactive approach, knowledge, and how entrenched C8 specialists are in the technology and cybersecurity industry, ThreatQuotient appointed C8 as its global PR agency at the start of 2024. 

ThreatQuotient’s ongoing commitment to adopting a strategic approach to PR and their research programme underlines the company’s credibility in the market and its integrity in not shying away from the challenges customers face. The high quality of the research is reflected in the fact that it independently delivers findings that confirm anecdotal experiences and align with what some influential industry analysts are reporting. It has also helped ThreatQuotient to get new insights from the research cohort, in particular, around automation enabling employee efficiency being a key ROI indicator. This quality lends confidence to the broader research findings which, combined with the practical insights offered by ThreatQuotient’s experts, make them a genuine source of intelligence for decision-makers in customer organisations.

Trends in the market – year on year 

Now that we’ve established this research, we can perform trend analysis from one year to the next.  We can also track how the adoption of cybersecurity automation is a solution to a variety of problems that CISOs and their teams are dealing with, such as an overwhelming workload, constant firefighting, technology issues, growing regulation, and fear of compromise or breach.  

Our research found that most organisations say cybersecurity automation is important to their business, but there are levels of dissatisfaction – especially among industries that are further along their automation journey.  In our most recent survey, an overwhelming 100% of respondents have experienced problems when trying to automate. We delved into and examined these issues in detail providing advice, guidance, and expert viewpoints from ThreatQuotient about how senior security professionals should approach automation. 

Research projects like this are a fantastic way of positioning our clients as thought leaders, while also providing actual necessary insight into issues within the industry. The statistics that come from these can be referenced to back up points made in future articles, as well as provide a basis for messaging going forward. 

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