C8 celebrates the International Week of Happiness at Work

September 23, 2021By Paula ElliottInsights

In recent times, the conversation around mental health has been growing and growing. What’s more, employers are increasingly seeing the importance of boosting employee’s mental health and making sure they are happy and healthy – after all, we do spend most of our lives at work.

Jess, Polly and Lucy jumping down from outdoor pull up bars.At C8, one of the most important things is ensuring the positive mental health of all the team. As a small company, it is so important that we make sure everyone is happy, because then as a team we achieve so much more. Every day we work closely together on multiple projects, so building this healthy team dynamic is very important. To ensure this strong relationship, we regularly organise social gatherings, both in and out of work, whether that’s going out for dinner, going for a team lunch, or going for a casual drink after work.

Below our team share with you how they ensure they stay happy at work.

Paula – Managing Director

I run with my dog, Bill, a couple of times a week and I know he loves this and although on a running lead he is bounding ahead and so excited to be out – and to be running. It’s a double whammy because I get a run and so does he.

The second thing that makes me happy is getting to the end of the week and knowing I’ve crossed my priorities off my to-do list. I never make this too long, but I tackle the key priorities every day and I always look through this on a Friday afternoon. If most of my actions are crossed off, I can go into the weekend happy.

Michael – Deputy Managing Director

As I’m sure the team can testify, what makes me happy at work is to have a good conversation. The topic is usually unimportant – it could be discussing the latest celebrity foxtrot on Strictly Come Dancing, or we could debate the validity of President Biden’s Executive Order on improving cybersecurity. I simply love to communicate, share ideas, and have fun whilst doing it!

Jim – PR Director

Where possible, I try to do the school run in the mornings and afternoons – this is something I enjoy with my daughter, and helps me to block work out completely. I also try and go for a walk or a jog in the evenings with some music, which helps me to de-stress. In the workplace – whether at work or home – it’s important to be strict with yourself on taking breaks, even if it’s grabbing a drink or standing outside for five minutes, as it enables you to remain productive.

Megan, Jess, Kiri, Lucy, Polly and Ameesha go to the Green Park Summer CarnivalKiri – PR Manager

The PR industry is notoriously fast paced. We’re constantly working to multiple, quick turn-around deadlines in a high-pressure environment. In order to keep motivated and continue with such momentum, it’s important to take a step back and recognise your own successes. Even on more challenging days where things don’t go exactly to plan, if I can identify a few things that I’ve accomplished well, I feel resolutely better. It helps if I write down three achievable goals for the day and work towards them. At the end of the day, I can look back and acknowledge the progress I have made.

I also find that practicing gratitude is a really effective way to end the day on a positive note. As humans, we have a ‘negativity bias’ and are conditioned to remember the bad, over the good. Keeping a wellness journal is a great way to reflect on my goals and recognise things I’m grateful for. Writing down something I’ve appreciated in my day helps me to feel more optimistic and I can start the next day on a happy note.

Helen – Associate Copywriting Manager

I try to make sure I take time in the day to eat properly and stay hydrated. It can be easy to get caught up in a task and forget the basics of food and water, but my mood soon dips when I skip lunch. Also, research indicates that drinking water can improve decision-making, so that’s another good reason to keep your glass topped up!

Jess – Account Executive

To keep myself happy at work I try to abide to routine, whether this is in the office or at home. When I drive into the office, as I start my day, I treat myself to a homemade iced latte every morning – to sip in the commute traffic. I enjoy the process of making it, it wakes me up, makes my journey pass faster but also keeps the morning road rage at bay!

When I work from home, I always make sure I get out for my full lunch break. It is easy to slip into eating lunch at your desk at home, but making sure I go out for a walk, pop to the shop, or go for a swim, it means that my day gets broken in two and I do not face the 4pm lull. It helps me start my afternoon with more enthusiasm which in turn keeps me happier at work.

Ameesha – Account ExecutiveGreen Park Lake

Every morning I set aside time for catching up on emails, chats and my to do list. To be productive, we need to be organised. The same applies to your desk, your files and, of course, your desktop. A clean workspace gives you a great push when you want to start new things or tasks. Also, using nice tools to work with such as colourful pens, highlighters, notebooks and post it notes are great little details that could change the way your day unfolds.

Throughout the day, I also enjoy taking up to 15 minutes to disconnect and recharge – going out for some air provides the perfect time to have a moment to yourself and analyse where you are in your day, taking deep breaths or even grabbing a energizing cup of coffee (latte all the way) or amazingly tasty tea.

Lucy – Junior Account Executive

Every morning before I get ready for work, I fit in at least 20 minutes of yoga. This allows me to get energised before I start my day, and taking a few conscious breaths allows me to relax, clear my head and manage my stress levels better.

When I’m at work, I make sure to take plenty of breaks to refresh, whether that be going downstairs to make a coffee, taking a few minutes outside for some fresh air, or having a non-work chat with my colleagues. It is so important to make sure to do this, as it makes me more productive throughout the day.

Polly – Junior Account Executive

Listening to a podcast in the mornings sets me up for a happy day at work. My current favourite is the ‘Off Menu’ podcast as its genuinely hysterical and it’s a good alternative to the doom and gloom on the news. Also, going for walks with my colleagues at lunch around the lake at Green Park is something that provides me with happiness at work, it helps to break up the day and stay active!

Jim, Kiri, Megan, Jess and AmeeshaMegan – Junior Account Executive

Whenever I can make the time, I like to come into work early and go for a walk around the lake near our office building. We’re so lucky to work in a business park filled with scenic spots and wildlife, and it’s a great way to wake up and centre myself before I start the day.

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