Introducing Ameesha Patel… C8’s latest PR executive!

September 14, 2020By Ameesha PatelInsights

The C8 team is growing. Back in mid-February, we hired a new junior consultant onto our roster – Ameesha Patel. She brings with her curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Ameesha’s innate passion for communication gives her all the qualities needed for a successful career in PR. To find out more about what led her to C8 and how she is finding her experience so far, read on.


I studied Communications and Media Studies at Brunel University London, and I have always known that I wanted to work in an industry that was fast-paced and growing which would allow me to work closely with others. I also knew that I wanted to work in an environment where I got more diversity and variety in my day to day role.

Having decided I wanted to explore the world of PR after three years of rigorous studying, I was also keen to start a career that would challenge me to learn about a new industry from scratch.

I found C8 through a recruiter and was instantly impressed by the case studies that were shared with me. Twenty minutes into my first interview, I knew C8’s company culture and approach to personalising people’s roles and training was exactly what I was looking for, and I had to get the job. I loved the sound of a healthy work-culture and the range of tech clients was interesting.


I think tech can have a reputation for being overly complicated and academic. But the reality is, that with good training, understanding managers who are prepared to sit down and explain things to you (and not to mention a good night’s sleep beforehand) you would be amazed at how quickly you start to pick up this specialist knowledge! While the technology our clients are working on is incredibly clever, I have realised it is easier than I thought it would be to wrap my head around – at the end of the day PR is all about making information understandable for the audiences we are targeting. I was also relieved to learn that pitching is not as scary as many people fear (particularly when you have had the right training, I have truly mastered my ‘telephone voice’!)

Since I joined C8, the team has rewarded me with insight on business life, what challenges we need to overcome and what it means to operate as a successful company. It is an enjoyable working environment and the team were all very welcoming too!

C8 ensures that everyone quickly becomes a contributing member of the team, making a measurable impact on accounts. Things have been so well explained and colleagues have taken the time to introduce activities to me, which has shrunk the stress usually associated with starting a new job.

I look forward to working with innovative technology clients and building strong client relationships and many other learning opportunities C8 will provide me with.


When researching more into the position at C8 on their website I noticed that it is a very female-focused organisation. The women at C8 bring their female perspective in what is considered a male-centric tech world and all these industries are fast-paced, growing in importance and making a difference in the way society operates today. With Paula (our MD and founder), who has built the business from the ground up, leading the way supporting women in business and giving inspirational talks at schools about women in senior positions (in marketing and PR), it is motivating for a female such as myself pursuing a career in PR.


In terms of applying and interviewing for roles, do your research and go for something you are genuinely interested in. Take the time to reflect on what you are good at and what you enjoy doing, and how that could translate into an interesting and enjoyable career. You might find out you have more to offer than you thought! I interned as much as possible to find out what I enjoyed. The more you do, the more you will figure out what kind of environment you want to work in and what interests you.

C8 offers lots of opportunities and is bustling with passionate, determined people who deliver quality and excellence in everything they do. It seemed like an extremely collaborative workplace and I liked that. There are also opportunities for growth both within and outside of the company. I have only been at C8 for six months so far, but everyone has been so friendly, and I immediately loved the positive vibes from everyone at C8. The company culture sounded fun with monthly office lunches out and quarterly business reviews which usually culminate in fun days out in London.


All in all, my experience at C8 has been great and has significantly helped me to want to broaden my interests and discover what business opportunities exist in the field of PR and marketing.

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