My First Quarterly Business Review at C8

October 1, 2018By C8 ConsultingInsights

As a new member of the C8 team, I was subject to my first Quarterly Business Review. The day was full of insightful presentations from members of the team, guest speakers and fun team building activities. The main focus of the day though was being able to celebrate the company’s successes and looking towards the future growth of C8.

C8 highlights

The QBR kicked off with an update on the company’s third-quarter performance by C8’s founder and managing director, Paula Elliott. Paula started by highlighting C8’s incredible growth of not only this quarter, but this whole year. C8 has had continual growth of 40% over the last year and anticipates continued growth at an equally aggressive rate in 2019.

Paula then went on to focus on some of C8’s most significant achievements for this quarter, such as the Virtustream summit, which was described by our client as ‘the most professionally run event that they had ever had in the history of Dell’. That is something to be proud of! The presentation was wrapped up by Paula outlining C8’s goals for rest of the year which consist of continuing to run international campaigns, invest more in the business and its people and most importantly, continuing to wow our clients.

Guest Speaker

Following Paula’s opening presentation, C8 had a guest speaker, Paul Scarott, Director of Marketing  EMEA for Outsystems, who gave C8 a talk titled ‘Understanding your client’. In this talk, he explained how PR agencies can hone their strategies to focus on understanding their clients’ needs and also touched on the importance of building up a strong relationship between PR, sales and marketing teams in order to deliver the best results for their clients.

Exciting changes

C8 team photoOne of the most exciting changes currently happening at C8 is our rebranding exercise which includes a brand new website. During the QRB, the team was taken through the new design, branding, and positioning of the organisation as a ‘disruptive-tech agency’. We wanted to have an evolutionary rebrand to emphasise the company’s growth, people, success, and clients. Following this, we had a sneak peek of the different aspects of the new website. The C8 team is very excited and proud to launch the website on the 26th of September!

As C8 has grown over this past year so has the team. In June, C8 was excited to welcome Abbi Richards, a psychology graduate from Winchester University and myself (Ellen Oliver), another psychology graduate from Oxford Brookes University. Both Abbi and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into our first graduate position and experiencing our first C8 QBR.

Team building

After a lunch break, the C8 team rejoined to be taken to south London for a team building activity. We arrived at an abandoned warehouse where we were told that we would be playing laser tag. This was a great team building experience to get to know my team better and a lot of fun as well!

The day came to a lovely end with the C8 team travelling to Graphic bar in Soho, where we indulged in cocktails and food. For my first Quarterly Business Review, I found the day incredibly useful as it has given me a widened insight and increased knowledge of the company, the goals we aspire to achieve and how we can reach them as a team.