My Journey into the World of PR

April 17, 2024By James SuttonInsights

When I chose to do Journalism as my degree, I did not entirely realise the multitude of varied career paths this could open for me. I had imagined that I would end up in a more “classic” journalism role, writing articles for a publication, and was only vaguely aware of the concept and function of public relations. However, now that I am working in the role of a PR Executive for C8 Consulting, I can confidently say that this progression has been a natural one for me, yet the journey here has not been a straight line.

A career path emerges

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the written word. This was, in part, influenced by the fact that, in school, maths didn’t come naturally to me, yet I always felt I excelled in English. My obsession with reading from a very early age also only served to add fuel to this fire, and English literature became my favourite school subject, along with history.

As for my early career aspirations, I initially wanted to be either a video game or movie journalist, as I was an avid reader of video game news site Destructoid, as well as having a subscription to the film magazine Empire. As I got older and became more interested in current events, I was attracted to the idea of being a news journalist and this led me to pursue Journalism at university. I also considered studying history, but I felt journalism would allow me to have a varied choice of career path. I was also very interested in the ethics of journalism, and I learned a lot about how the media, particularly news media, can be used in good and unethical ways.

My first job out of university was working for a medical devices company as a Technical Author, which I enjoyed for the most part as I had always been interested in technology, however I felt that it did not fully utilise my skills and creative background.

Joining the C8 family

As I didn’t have any experience in PR, I did not really know what to expect from the day-to-day of the job. However, having spotted the opportunity with C8, I was extremely pleased to find how much my journalism degree had prepared me for my new role, and how many transferable skills I had.

For example, my degree provided me with great insight into what journalists are looking for when it comes to publishing a story. This is especially useful for writing pitches for press releases and articles. Pitches are how we sell these stories to the media, to secure coverage for our clients, and as I came in with the knowledge of what journalists are looking for, this came easily to me. In the realm of tech PR, this includes things like an eye-catching statistic that can draw a reader in: When pitching an article for Noname Security on the state of API security, the statistic that 80% of business had an API security incident in the last 12 months is particularly compelling and is likely to grab a reader’s attention.

Another way in which my Journalism degree set me up well for a career in PR is with the insight it provided me into the media landscape in general. Of course, I had a lot to learn in relation to the specific world of disruptive-tech PR, but the foundation of knowledge I came in with made this a much quicker process. I already understood the difference between trade media and the regular press, as well as being familiar with regional and national publications, and those considered to be top tier.

PR and my love of words

Now that I have been in this role for approaching six months, my knowledge and skills have grown exponentially. As I am now very familiar with the clients that I work with, I have found them all to be extremely interesting and inspiring, from Egress and Noname to 11:11 and BlueVoyant. I am so excited to deepen my experience, expand my knowledge of the industry and landscape, whilst also enjoying working with my colleagues at C8.

Join us

We’re currently expanding and growing our team. If you’re looking for a career in disruptive-tech PR, then do get in touch. Live roles include Account Director, so if this sounds like a fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.