Introducing Polly Pye – Why I chose a career in PR

August 27, 2021By C8 ConsultingInsights

Having graduated during the pandemic with a degree in History from the University of Manchester, I felt uncertain about my prospects in the job market. It’s widely known to be more competitive than ever in 2021, but with an open mind and determination, I began the search to take the first step in my career and searched for a career in PR.

Turquoise old style telephoneStarting my career with C8 Consulting

Throughout university, I had never pin-pointed an exact vision for what I wanted to do when I left. Many assume that a history degree mainly leads people down a career in teaching or in the natural history sector working in a museum but I had always been keen to work in the media industry. My transferable skills from university included strong writing capabilities and I was a contributing writer to various student magazines, as well as some experience with social media and marketing for my university’s history publication.

Why C8?

I was drawn to C8 initially due to its impressive range of clients, as well as the emphasis on supporting female talent in business. The fact that C8 is a smaller consultancy also appealed to me, as I knew working here would mean I’d have to learn things quickly and I’d feel as though I was having an impact right from the start.

During the interview process the team were extremely down-to-earth and encouraging and I could sense that the company was the right fit for me. Since joining, the team have been exceptionally friendly and welcoming, which allowed me to settle in quickly. There’s also a real eagerness to return to in-person events now that the pandemic restrictions have eased, which is incredibly exciting and I consider myself a ‘people person’, therefore, I’m very much looking forward to doing some networking that isn’t over Zoom.

What I’ve Learnt So Far

I am still very much getting to grips with all the language surrounding tech and PR in general, but I have surprised myself with how quickly I am able to pick things up. It’s a fast-paced environment but there’s a great team ethos and everyone is incredibly happy to answer any questions (no matter how stupid you think you sound) and they’re prepared to sit down with you to explain things.

Coming into this role I was truly starting from scratch, even working in an office was new to me. What’s great about working within the tech sector is that things are constantly evolving, and new concepts are continually coming into existence, so there’s always new things to learn.

I am enjoying the variety that working across a range of client accounts brings and I’m learning a lot about myself and my own work style.

Laptop display showing 11:40am on a white desk with a blue desk lamp.Tips for graduates wanting to a career in PR

For any graduate considering a career in PR, don’t write yourself off if you think your lack of experience will prevent you from getting a foot in the door. You will likely have many transferable skills from university that will serve you well for a career in PR.

If you’re seeking a career that is sociable, you enjoy building relationships and have strong written communication skills, then PR will almost certainly be a good career path for you. I had no prior experience with working in tech and it was this aspect of the role that was the most daunting to me before I started, but it goes to show if you’re open minded and eager to learn new concepts, you can take on almost anything.

Although it might sound obvious, being an avid consumer of news is so important for a career in PR. Having a deep curiosity about the world around you, keeping yourself informed of the latest news trends and having a passion for storytelling will allow you thrive in this evolving industry.

In the end, having had no prior experience in PR, my eagerness to learn and my transferable skills developed at university helped me to land my first job in the sector. My first week was certainly filled with an element of imposter syndrome but since then, I’ve really been able get stuck into my new role and vastly develop my knowledge of the industry.

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