Spreading the word on security with Noname’s API Disconnect Report

April 30, 2024By C8 ConsultingInsights

At C8 Consulting, we have specialist expertise in driving PR for cybersecurity and disruptive-tech businesses. One company we have a near 3-year relationship with is Noname Security, which is recognised as the market leader in end-to-end API security platform services. Noname Security helps 20% of the Fortune 500 secure their APIs.

For many businesses, APIs (application programming interfaces) are essential and act as the go-between for all the applications that organisations use to function. They are also a prime target for cyber attackers, which is why Noname Security has found success in providing security for them to firms in the post-pandemic era of hyper-digital transformation.

However, even in cyber circles, APIs are not as high-profile as they need to be, and Noname Security wanted to create hero content that would emphasise their importance and relevance, as well as build brand awareness and generate new business opportunities.

The birth of the API Security Disconnect Report

Working with Noname Security, C8 conceptualised the API Security Disconnect Report in May 2022, which subsequently launched in September 2022. The report polled more than 600 senior security professionals from the UK and US, and analysed the risks that APIs posed to businesses. The ‘disconnect’ in the name of the report refers to the contradiction of cybersecurity leaders’ views that their APIs are secure and well tested, when in reality the report discovered that most CISOs don’t actually have a full inventory of all their APIs. This disconnect is also reflected in the fact that those surveyed had a high degree of confidence in their API security, but were still falling victim to a large number of API security incidents.

The first report was a tremendous success, with the findings securing interest and extensive coverage in the cyber and tech trade press, so for the second research cycle the following year C8 wanted to go bigger and better, improving on previous results.

Launching the report with a bang

For its second iteration, C8’s proposed strategy was to launch the report with Noname Security’s first UK media roundtable, ahead of the report’s official release. This event was held in a Central London hotel in September 2023, and included members of the press, along with key Noname Security stakeholders and C-suite executives.

C8 managed the event end-to-end, and the roundtable enabled five key members of the UK tech press to build one-on-one relationships with Noname Security spokespeople, including their co-founder and CTO. The roundtable enabled C8 and Noname Security to highlight key issues raised by the API Disconnect Report, namely the critical requirement of businesses having thorough API security programs to discover, monitor, and predict vulnerabilities. C8 also helped Noname Security refine their messaging, and advised them in compiling a briefing presentation, highlighting the main points and messages contained within the findings.

Moreover, the report focused on six key industry verticals, targeting industries that handle a lot of sensitive data, such as financial services and healthcare. To bring key messages to life in a compelling and relevant way, C8 drafted dedicated reports for each sector, which would be utilised to target trade media in the aligned industry. These sector-specific reports were extremely valuable for driving media coverage, and helped Noname Security start conversations with new business prospects and create a strong, informed voice.

Hero content that keeps on giving

The initial coverage around the report was fantastic, with C8 securing 20 pieces of organic coverage between September and November 2023, more than the overall total delivered in the 2022 launch. The report also established Noname Security as a leader in API security, and raised them to a leading position in media share-of-voice when benchmarked against main competitors. Additionally, members of the Noname Security C-suite continued to remark about the report’s success and influence in the months following.

We hope to continue producing this report annually, as each new iteration gives another data set to benchmark against, allowing a much broader picture of how attitudes to API security are developing over time. The 2024 edition of the report is set to launch later this year.

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