Thames Valley Business Barometer – how does workplace productivity in your business compare?

September 30, 2019By Paula ElliottInsights

Britain’s productivity crisis should be keeping the country’s politicians awake at night. The UK has experienced a slump in productivity growth, since the financial crisis over a decade ago, which shows no sign of coming to an end. The slowdown has been more acute than in any other western country…

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Why the Business Barometer is important?

The previous survey, carried out in spring of this year, put the spotlight on employee wellbeing and how organisations are supporting wellbeing at work. This new survey will look at productivity and how we increase our productivity, something which is critical to the UK successfully competing on a global basis.

This topic will be the focus for the next Thames Valley Business Barometer, an established report now in its eighth year. The survey runs until mid-November and provides snapshot of economic confidence and business performance. The report acts as a valuable tool for business leaders who can use the findings to compare their own businesses results with the region. We’ve been hosting the Barometer with accountants and business advisers from BDO LLP to track business trends in the region and predict future trends. Will economic confidence increase? Will Brexit impact on workforce numbers in the Thames valley?

How will Brexit affect the Thames Valley?

The most recent Barometer report, released in July 2019, focused on economic confidence, business performance and employee wellbeing. It found that business confidence is at its lowest level since the Barometer Survey began, with 63% of respondents feeling that confidence had dropped since late 2018. This could be down to the uncertainties of Brexit.

The new Barometer report, to be published January 2020, will identify any shifts in economic confidence, growth and employment intentions since the last report, and provide insight into productivity in the workplace in the Thames Valley. This has become an increasingly prominent issue and we will be interested to find out how the Thames Valley region is faring and what can be done to improve productivity in the region.

David Brooks, Partner and Head of BDO in the Thames Valley, says: “The performance indicators of businesses across the region remained relatively strong in recent surveys despite the ongoing uncertainty in the market, but confidence has clearly been knocked. It will be interesting to see whether the latest Brexit developments have had an impact.”

C8 Consulting - Thames Valley Business BarometerWant to participate in this Barometer?

If you are in the Thames Valley area and interested in participating in the next Thames Valley Business Barometer, you can complete the survey here and discover  more on the BDO or the C8 website. Stay tuned for the results in early 2020…

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