Why Communication is Key

November 17, 2017By C8 ConsultingInsights

The ability to communicate is often seen by many businesses as a soft skill.

This view can often lead to communication skills being seen as less important in the workplace, but at C8 we completely know how important it is to effectively communicate. In PR and marketing it is incredibly important that we work seamlessly with our clients and that means having the ability to understand and effectively communicate with them as well as communicate their key messages out to the marketplace. However, as we work in teams, it is also essential for us to communicate effectively with each other. Teamwork is vital to delivering efficient and top quality work, but if we don’t understand how to act amongst one another and take different personality types into account, then how can we accomplish that?

There are many different approaches that employers can take towards remedying this issue. The method of choice here at C8 is through the use of psychology, specifically that of Carl Jung. Every employee in the team is required to take the Insights Discovery test which uses Carl Jung’s research to figure out which personality type you are. There are four categories that you can fall into which are named after colours: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue. Each of these categories has its positives and negatives, and it is important to know which one each team members falls into.

So, why is it important to know all of this? Well, the program informs you of what your key strengths and weaknesses are, and also how to communicate with the other colours in your team. Everyone is different and not everyone likes to be approached and spoken to in the same way. By understanding the different personality types, both in peace and in conflict, it makes communication far easier and helps to create a more understanding and unified team.

This skill is also beneficial to clients, as each of our clients will be different, and knowing how to approach them is important. Being able to understand a client’s needs and react accordingly is part of the lifeblood of being in a PR and marketing consultancy. To do all of this you need good communications, and that’s why C8 values this skill and why we invest in making sure that we are effective communicators. Better communication creates a better work environment, which allows for better work to be done and a happy team leads to happy clients!