Why Identity Has Become the Building Block for Everything!

July 28, 2023By Paula ElliottInsights

Our Content Studio has been busy with research and writing projects during the last few months. In particular, I was keen to showcase the work we are doing with influencers, who are an increasingly important audience alongside press and analysts.

We recently ran a LinkedIn Live event and fireside chat for our client JumpCloud with renowned influencer and author, Dr Sally Eaves. The stats from these events were astonishing, with over 2,000 viewing the stream live over YouTube and LinkedIn, and it also streamed on Twitter, generating 5018 views, 20 retweets and 35 likes.

After the event the on-demand version was sent to over 36,000 contacts in Sally’s network. We also created a podcast that is expected to have in the region of 70,000 downloads by the end of the first month post-publication.  This just demonstrates the amplifying power of leveraging a tier 1 influencer.

On the day Sally expertly moderated the discussion, which also involved CEO and Co-Founder Rajat Bhargava, JumpCloud and JumpCloud partner, Pedro Martins, Co-Founder and Technical Director, and Charlie Acfield, Technical Account Director, Totality Services.

Sally set the scene for the discussion, providing a fresh perspective around how identity transformation is now overtaking both cloud and digital transformation, in terms of priorities for the business, as identity has become the building block for everything. Today the network and device are no longer at the centre of IT. The identity of every employee is the foundation upon which all work can be done. To properly manage identities, IT teams need to transform their IT stack, starting with their core management platform.

The conversation really flowed. Questions were coming in from the live audience on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter and quite frankly we could have continued talking for hours. Sally sliced the debate down into the what, the challenge and the how and it was fascinating to hear Raj, Pedro, and Charlie’s views.

We talked about an over-reliance on Microsoft Active Directory, and how most organisations have a fragmented, sprawling IT environment, lacking the connected layer they need to keep everything properly managed.

The panel noted that user identities are created and stored all over the place and unmanaged or invisible to IT. End users have insecure ways to create and access credentials and IT admins struggle to mitigate the risk of incidents, vulnerabilities, and data breaches. This is creating a perfect storm and shifting organisational thinking to look at a new IT backbone that focuses on identity.

We also looked at how the new work from anywhere environment means that organisations now want:

  • Freedom of choice: so, they are free to operate in whatever way suits their workforce, the operation, and the business’s goals.
  • Geographic distribution: so, they are able to approach their business globally.
  • Openness: to avoid that vendor lock-in so that they can be more fluid in their approach and growth and, in effect, ‘Make Work Happen’ wherever, whenever.

The conversation moved onto the challenges this is creating for IT admins and how many organisations are preparing to make an identity transformation as a result.  Tune in to watch the on-demand version to learn what that means and the benefits for business, the link is here.

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