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C8 appointed to help BitSight C-level executives discuss the role of cyber risk with the media


BitSight Technologies, a US based business founded in 2011, is a global leader in cyber security ratings. The organisation continuously monitors cyber risk in the business ecosystem and risk landscape which enables customers to gain insight into the security posture of third parties, as well as their own organisation. C8 was appointed to help BitSight C-level executives discuss the role of cyber risk in today’s ever-changing landscape with the media.

The Challenge

In order to assess how financial institutions are responding to growing third party cyber risk, BitSight and the Centre of Financial Professions (CeFPro) launched a joint study in 2019 titled the ‘Third Party Risk Management in Financial Services Survey’. The survey polled financial services professionals from a host of countries around the world, spanning EMEA, Benelux, and the US, to highlight perceived future priorities and challenges. Moreover, it highlighted the best practices organisations would benefit from adopting to help measure and manage their cyber risk and third-party data. The challenge was communicating the results of the study to the right audiences.

The Campaign

With the complexity of the decision-making process in B2B environments and the large number of people involved, BitSight needed to empower their teams to engage with global media. C8, with a strong reputation for building relationships with international analysts and publications, organised and facilitated a media briefing at the Four Seasons Hotel, Central London, where key risk, business and security journalists attended to discuss the complexities of today’s business world, and how financial institutions are responding to the growing third-party risk.

The briefing enabled thought leaders within BitSight to present and discuss findings from the ‘Third Party Risk Management in Financial Services Survey’ and explain how this aligns with key business decision making processes to address challenges the sector is facing.

The Results

To coincide with the annual flagship event ‘New Generation Operational Risk: Europe 2019’ which draws an international audience, C8 secured eight face-to-face and web briefings with key BitSight spokespeople attending the conference. Throughout, BitSight delved deeper into the survey results to discuss the evolving role of cyber risk in today’s dynamic threat landscape. The briefings also provided a platform to discuss the role of C-suite executives who help the Board understand risk, the supply chain problem plaguing government organisations and utilities, security performance data, and the evolution and demand for cyber insurance.

Coverage was secured in a range of influential publications including Risk UK, Accountancy Age and Enterprise Times.

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“The launch of the joint survey with CeFPro was an important step in engaging some of our key customers and educating the market about the growing importance of third-party cyber risk. C8 hosted a full day of media briefings with me to help highlight the survey results and what it means to enterprises within the financial services sector. All the briefings went well and C8 secured some great results; this has helped us to showcase the importance of Security Ratings to enterprises looking to mitigate cyber-attacks through third-party vendors.”

Jacob Olcott, Vice President, Communications & Gov. Affairs, BitSight

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