Panasonic Toughbook

C8 delivers creativity and longevity, building valuable media campaigns that have spanned over a seven year period

Panasonic Toughbook - C8 Consulting client

Creating compelling content for Panasonic. Panasonic rugged mobile notebooks and tablets are designed to work anywhere, anytime, in the harshest, most challenging environments. They ensure workers across a wide range of industries can do their job, whatever conditions they face. Products that are this robust deserve PR campaigns to match.

The Challenge

Panasonic needed an agency with creativity, tenacity and European reach to build enduring relationships with the media in the sector. Seven years ago the company selected C8 and its partner Amber Group to execute pan-European content programme across 16 countries with a focus on championing the product to reach target verticals and create brand trust and advocacy among buyers. C8 and Amber were also hired to run the PR programme on the ground in the UK.

The Campaign

C8 has consistently delivered ground-breaking campaigns for Panasonic promoting and positioning Panasonic as the market leader in the ruggedised notebook and tablet space. This includes applying cutting-edge ideas to create content based around inspiring experiences and novel campaigns, such as sending a Panasonic rugged notebook into Near Space and landing it without a scratch. C8 helped the media get to grips with Panasonic devices – literally – giving journalists regular opportunities to put the product’s claims to the test. C8 has facilitated Panasonic’s case study programme, from storyboarding and scripts through filming and editing to tell the story of these remarkable products and the fascinating ways they are deployed in some of the most extreme environments on earth.

The Results

C8 has provided a consistent, proactive point of contact for the European team, resulting in strong coverage for the Panasonic range of devices as they have evolved.

Meeting strategic goals: Panasonic is firmly positioned as market leader in the ruggedised notebook and tablet space and was recently recognised as the most trusted ruggedised notebook supplier among buyers polled in the latest VDC research.

Coverage includes Tamebay, Tech Gadgets, Channel EMEA, Crowdedbrain and Technuovo.

“Video case studies are a great way to promote our products but it’s difficult to get it right. The PR team always understands exactly what we are trying to portray and produce top quality videos which really show Panasonic’s range of devices in an inspiring way.”

Rebecca May, UK Marketing Manager, Panasonic

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