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Recycling Technologies - C8 Consulting client

From first steps to crowdfunding with Recycling Technologies. Recycling Technologies is making the circular economy a reality for end-of-life plastics that were previously considered unrecyclable, and changing the future of plastics recycling. Its innovative RT7000 machine uses a chemical recycling process to convert plastics such as film, laminated and coloured plastics back into a raw material called Plaxx™, a hydrocarbon from which new plastics can be made.

The Challenge

Offering a ground-breaking solution to one of the most complex and enduring challenges in recycling, Recycling Technologies needed to tell its story and build its profile to support a series of investment and crowdfunding campaigns that would enable it to pursue its mission. C8 has been there every step of the way from concept to commercialisation.

“What we need is innovation. Bolder, smarter ways to ensure more plastics get a second life, and that’s exactly what this factory in Swindon is doing” Lucy Siegle, One Show BBC1

The Campaign

C8 devised multichannel campaigns aimed at reaching hearts and minds to provoke a strong response among audiences and potential investors. Powerful headlines underlined the challenge of recycling plastic waste and the importance of supporting investment in innovative solutions that would ‘turn the tide on plastic waste’. C8 helped Recycling Technologies successfully navigate the waves of interest in the plastic problem generated by David Attenborough’s concluding episode of Blue Planet, putting the organisation in the right place to offer intelligent, insightful comment on the issue.

The Results

Coverage has been achieved in the leading industry, local and global media including Bloomberg, Reuters, Sky News and the Financial Times. Briefings with Recycling Technologies’ CEO Adrian Griffiths has led to many features including the BBC One Show.

Recycling Technologies most recent fundraise reached its £3.7m target in record time which included £1.2m from the everyday crowdfund investor.

Additional coverage includes BBC, Let’s Recycle, Recycling International, MRW and CIWN Journal.

“C8 works as part of our PR team to target our story to the waste, engineering, financial and general interest media. As a result of C8’s hard work, we were featured on the BBC One Show’s Plastic Week and described as a ‘bold innovation to ensure more plastics get a second life. C8 has also enhanced our social presence, regularly engaging with our audience through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to build the narrative and support programmes. In particular our crowdfund was a huge success, thanks to the help and support from C8.”

Bronwen Jameson, Marketing Communications Manager, Recycling Technologies

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