Content Creation,
Campaign Management
and Delivery

C8 understands that it’s a multi-channel world; we create the right campaigns, with the right content, for the right audience, at the right time

Influencing today’s information-rich, time-poor decision makers demands content that excites, informs and inspires action – simply creating it is not enough. Your content needs to reach its target audience through the right channels, in the right format, at the perfect point in the decision making cycle for maximum impact on your bottom line.

Content Creation

Compelling content kick-starts conversations.

There are a myriad of different types of content, the skill lies in knowing what to use, when and where. It has to be smart and relevant, addressing customer pain points and making connections on multiple levels from the logical to the emotional. From long-form thought leadership pieces and technical white papers, to easily digestible incisive comment and vibrant, shareable visuals, we develop insightful content that is tailored to resonate with your audiences. We know when to take a risk and when to hold the high ground, creating a portfolio that amplifies your message and influences the people that matter.

  • Case studies (including video) and by-line articles
  • Web and digital marketing collateral
  • Social media and blog content
  • Emailers and newsletters
  • Copywriting bureau
  • Events and roundtables
  • Brand and design creative
  • Strategic research, insight and white papers

Campaign Management and Delivery

Strong campaign management is critical to getting results.

Our campaign goals are well-defined and our approach is structured to deliver a programme of tactical activities and audience engagement that builds momentum and ensures clients own their space in the market. We build long-term, open and effective relationships with clients and the media, focusing on accountability and delivering value. By coordinating campaigns across multiple territories we ensure that messages are consistent and relieve busy clients of the burden of management.

  • Brainstorm creative approach
  • Campaign planning, activation and management
  • Relationship building
  • Account management
  • Management reporting
  • Event management

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