and Media Training

C8 empowers our clients to successfully engage with journalists, analysts, legislative bodies and industry influencers

When you’re telling your story you want your message to be clear, coherent and communicated with confidence. Making the most of every opportunity to get your message to market means putting the work in beforehand. Messaging, storyboarding and media training puts the polish on your pitch when the spotlight is on you.


Clear, coherent messages are the foundation of successful communication.

Our strategic messaging workshops are energetic, interactive sessions where we unpick your messages, drill down into your target audiences and match their priorities with your proposition. Once we’ve broken it down, we build it back up again, developing a structure that guides all aspects of communications so that your audience hears the right message, every time.

  • Messaging workshop (Distinctive, create stand out)
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Proposition development – be unique (USP)
  • Audience definition


Building a narrative that engages and informs is part art, part science.

Storyboarding puts structure into creativity and ensures that messages are delivered logically and powerfully. We’re skilled at using storyboards to make sure each piece of collateral achieves its aims and makes the best possible impact on its audience.

  • Structure
  • Narrative and storytelling
  • Visual representation
  • Bring campaigns to life
  • Define customer/reader experience

Media Training

Even with a solid understanding of your story, facing the media can be nerve-wracking.

C8’s invaluable media training equips your spokespeople to get the best outcome from every opportunity to engage with journalists, analysts, and the industry at large. They’ll learn the techniques, tactics and tools to handle challenging questions and communicate with confidence.

  • Reputation management
  • Journalist and analyst relations
  • Train spokespeople and thought leaders
  • Multi-channel broadcast, radio, print and online
  • Communicate confidently and effectively

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