Strategic PR and
Media Relations

C8 creates headline stories that resonate with global publications, and our clients’ target markets and audiences

You’ve got a great story, but it’s the way you tell it that matters. Today’s 24/7 global media cycle requires a strategic approach to cut through the noise and make sure your message reaches its audience. That means smart, connected campaigns that position your business at the heart of the conversation.

Strategic PR

When planning campaigns we start at the end: what do you want to achieve?

Once we know where you want to go we develop and implement a creative, joined-up campaign to take you there. On the way we’ll build energy and enthusiasm around your story to inspire your target audiences, creating a strong narrative that weaves through every piece of communication. We’ll make sure your message is understood and gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

  • Understanding strategic business goals
  • Brand strategy workshop
  • Messaging and positioning
  • Campaign creative and ideation

Media Relations

We are skilled at communicating complex messages to market.

To make your mark with today’s media you need to stand out. We obsessively track industry pain points, trends and topics so that when we put you in touch with journalists and analysts, your insight is exactly what they’re looking for. Our trusted media relationships and deep understanding of the stories that sell puts you in the best position to build your profile with the influencers that matter.

  • Brand awareness and positioning
  • Crisis communications
  • Executive profiling
  • Media event management
  • Analyst and journalist relations
  • Content writing and placement (PR, case studies, articles, blogs)

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